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General Company Information FAQS

Are Raisin Boat’s clear stamps better than other clear stamps out there?
Yes! We’ve been told by our customers that Raisin Boat stamps provide a much crisper, cleaner image than other clear stamps they have used. We’ve made sure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality images by switching from rubber stamps to the ease and convenience of clear stamps that allow perfect positioning every time.
There truly is a noticeable difference with Raisin Boat’s clear stamps. We’re proud to say that our stamp sets are manufactured in the U.S., and they offer these desirable qualities for your stamping:
-          Strong, natural clinginess to keep images in place on acrylic blocks (no adhesive necessary)
-          Just the right consistency – not too gooey and not too hard
-          Deeply etched stamp images to give you a high-quality impression, similar to rubber stamps
-          Made of photopolymer, not silicone (photopolymer is more durable and allows higher resolution of the digital art for crisper images)
-          Resistant to yellowing
Can I order Raisin Boat stamps from anywhere in the world?
Purchases may be made directly on our web site by anyone in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. If you are in Canada and wish to purchase from Raisin Boat, please email us at customerservice@raisinboat.com with your order and contact information. A Raisin Boat sales representative will contact you to complete your order. Unfortunately, we currently do not ship to U.S. territories or APO/FPO addresses. Note that Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are subject to higher shipping rates. View a complete table of our shipping rates.
Will I be charged any sales tax on my Raisin Boat purchases?
Only Wisconsin residents are charged sales tax on their rental subscriptions and/or orders. Note that the Wisconsin state tax rate applies to shipping as well.
Can I buy stamp sets from Raisin Boat without being a member?
Absolutely. Our cart works like any other online shopping cart – simply make your selections and follow the easy checkout process. You will be asked to create a log-in name (your e-mail address) and password in order to complete your checkout. Be sure to log in to www.raisinboat.com using this email and password every time you wish to make a purchase, start a rental subscription, or view messages on your personal “My Home Page.” Note that some sets may be reserved for rentals only and members always enjoy special reduced member pricing – 20% off every set purchase, anytime!

What is the newsletter and does it cost anything?

Our e-newsletter is emailed free of charge to any subscriber interested in receiving ideas, inspiration, helpful product and technique tips, information on new set releases, and other noteworthy Raisin Boat updates. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time (see "Manage your subscription" at the bottom of your emailed newsletter).
Do I qualify for reduced member pricing as a newsletter subscriber?
Not unless you are a Raisin Boat rental member. Only those who have signed up for a rental membership plan are eligible for the reduced member pricing on stamp sets and other special membership offers.
How do I find the product I’m looking for on the Raisin Boat site?
You can search for sets by set name (complete set title or a key word) or by product number. Or, browse through our Products page and its menu of categories to see what catches your eye. Don’t miss our Seasonal Features and Top Picks on the Products page to find more stamps you’re sure to love.
Does Raisin Boat offer a good selection of stamps?
Literally boatloads! Choose from over 200 exclusive set designs in various styles and themes – from babies to sports to holidays and much more. There’s something for everyone’s changing tastes and project needs. We’re constantly working with our team of designers to enhance our selection, and we will be unveiling new sets on a regular basis. If we’re missing something that is a must-have, we encourage and welcome your suggestions for new designs. Contact us via the form at the bottom of our Customer Service tab.
Will you keep adding new sets?
Yes, new sets will be introduced on a regular basis. While our current selection does cover vast life experiences, holidays, and other themes ideal for your stamping projects, we continually strive to be better and fulfill more of your unique needs. Building and enhancing our inventory will be an ongoing process. In fact, even as you read this, there are new set designs underway for you and other Raisin Boat customers. If there is a set that you would really like to see us offer, please contact us via the form at the bottom of our Customer Service tab and we will certainly take your suggestions into consideration. Also, be sure to sign up for our free e-newsletter for notification of new set releases.
What if a particular stamp set is out of stock?
We make every attempt to ensure inventory is complete to meet all of our customers’ needs. However, if a set is temporarily out of stock, we will note this backorder status under the set’s description on our site as soon as possible. If you are a renter and a pending set on your Pick List is temporarily out of stock, we will send you the next set on your Pick List. This enables you to continually enjoy a set in your possession without losing valuable subscription time. Our rental members are our top priority and will be first in line for our hottest selections. Note that when availability is limited, we reserve the right to give order-fulfillment precedence to our members with the highest-level plans first.
What forms of payment can I use?
You may use PayPal or a credit or debit card to purchase stamps from Raisin Boat. For rental plans, we currently can only accept a credit or debit card. We accept credit or debit cards with the MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover symbol. You will specify your preferred method at checkout.
Is the information I submit secure?
The security and privacy of your Raisin Boat shopping experience is extremely important to us. We use current, industry-standard technologies and processes to protect our customer data. When you make a purchase or create an account on our Web site, your transactional information is transmitted in a safe, encrypted format. See our Privacy Policy.
What is your return policy?
Raisin Boat stands behind the quality of our product and will accept returns for defective merchandise. If the set you receive through either rental or a purchase is defective, email customerservice@raisinboat.com and Raisin Boat will mail you a new replacement along with a postage-paid envelope for you to return the defective set to us. Since the Raisin Boat rental service and low-cost introductory offer allow you to test our quality or see how you like a set without having to purchase it, Raisin Boat will not offer refunds or replacements for any reason other than defective merchandise.
How do I take care of my stamps?
Your stamp sets will come with simple use and care instructions. Note that if your stamps become less sticky over time and usage, you can easily restore “clingability” of our quality clear stamps just by rinsing them in warm, soapy water and laying them on a paper towel to dry. Always avoid acetone, bleach or oil-based cleaners. Please refer to the “Tips section of our site for more information.
Can I sell cards and other projects I make with Raisin Boat’s stamps?
Yes, Raisin Boat has an Angel Policy that gives you permission in the form of a limited license to use Raisin Boat’s exclusive stamp images on crafts that you sell. Like most other Angel Policies, our policy requires that you personally and individually hand-stamp every project that you intend to sell and not reproduce or copy the stamp images by any means, including photocopying. Our images may not be used to create logos or trademarks, and our Raisin Boat logo may not be used to promote the sale of your stamped projects. As the seller, you are solely responsible for complying with any state and local business and tax regulations and for all liability for your work.


Does the monthly rental plan price include shipping costs?
Yes! You will not pay any additional shipping costs on your rentals unless you lose your prepaid rental return envelope and need to return a set in your own envelope. If you make a purchase as a renter, you will be charged applicable shipping costs (unless you purchase a rental set currently in your possession) but you always enjoy a reduced member rate on Raisin Boat stamp sets – 20% off all purchased sets, anytime! Note that Wisconsin residents will be responsible for additional state sales tax on monthly rental plan prices and purchases as well as on shipping amounts.
Do you offer free shipping on purchases?
Yes! Your shipping is always free when your Raisin Boat purchases total $50 or more, as long as you are in the 48 contiguous United States. In Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, shipping is free for purchases of $75 or more. Remember that shipping is always free for rentals.
How long will it take to get my rental or my purchase?
Once you finalize your Pick List or place your order on our site, we will do our very best to process and ship your order within the next 1-2 business days. You will receive an email notification of this shipment. All rentals will be shipped via first-class mail free of charge and arrive within approximately 3-6 business days of shipment – depending on where you’re located and your typical shipping times from Wisconsin.
Raisin Boat currently offers standard shipping only on both rentals and purchases. However, if you are buying a set and you have a truly urgent need for it, please email us at customerservice@raisinboat.com and we will do our best to help you.
Note that all shipping times may vary depending on your local postal route, location, holidays, weather or other factors beyond our control. Your order is a priority and we will do everything possible to get you stamping as soon as possible. Shipping rates
How do I change my email address? I don’t see a form for this.
Since your e-mail address is your unique log-in ID to the Raisin Boat Web site, we ask you to notify us directly of any e-mail change at customerservice@raisinboat.com with “EMAIL CHANGE” in the subject line. We will update your e-mail address on your behalf in our records and send you an e-mail confirming that a change has been made. Once you receive this confirmation from us, you may begin using your new e-mail address for your log-in.
I tried to update my payment information on the Customer Service tab, but it won’t let me. Why not?
Currently, only Raisin Boat’s monthly rental plan subscribers have direct online access to payment method updates. If you are not a Raisin Boat rental member and you wish to make a purchase with a new credit card, please go through our standard checkout process and enter your new payment information there.
I just updated my password, and now I’m no longer logged in. What happened?
Whenever you change your password (Customer Service tab), the site will automatically log you out for security purposes. Simply log in again using the new password.
I tried to sign up for a rental plan, but it says my email is already taken. What should I do?
Chances are, the email has been taken by you! If you have ever purchased from us in the past or you currently have a rental plan, please be sure to first log in to our Web site with your email and password before you start a rental plan, change a rental plan, or make another purchase. This way our online system can recognize you as well as give you any appropriate discounts.
If for some reason you still can’t complete your rental plan signup after you’ve logged in, or if someone else truly has used your exact email address, please contact us at customerservice@raisinboat.com and we will be happy to help you.
You'll know that we've shipped your rental by viewing "Checked out items" and the shipping date in your Pick List. If you haven’t received a stamp set within approximately five or six days, please either email us at customerservice@raisinboat.com, or log in to our Web site and go to the Customer Service tab, then click on “My set(s) never arrived.” Fill out the brief form and click “Submit.” We will look into the whereabouts of your stamp set and, if necessary, re-send the set to you immediately.
How will I know that you received my returned rental set?
When we receive a set from you, it's sent to Quality Control to make sure all images are damage-free and accounted for on the backing sheet. Once it’s been approved as a return, we send you the next set on your Pick List as soon as you are eligible for a new one (depending upon the plan you have chosen and the maximum number of sets you may receive each month). You will know a new set has been shipped to you by viewing your Pick List under "Checked out items."
If you were accidentally sent the wrong stamp set, contact us immediately by logging in to our Web site and filling out the issues form under FAQs of our Customer Service tab, then return the incorrect set in your prepaid return envelope. We will send you the correct set as soon as possible.
Note that if a set at the top of your Pick List is temporarily unavailable, we will send you the subsequent one on your list (for ex, #2 on your list instead of #1). Also, to avoid confusion, make sure that you are always going by your Pick List and not your Items for Future Purchase list. Your Pick List is your queue that tells us what to send you next, while your Items for Future Purchase is simply your personal holding spot for items that you might like to purchase or add to your Pick List at some point. We do not send items on your Items for Future Purchase until you move them to your Pick List or purchase them.
As stated in our Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for returning all of your rented stamps in working condition when you are finished with them in order to receive the next stamps on your Pick List. We recommend accounting for all images before returning a set by holding the set's package insert under your plastic backing sheet while you match up the images. If you lose or damage a stamp or your entire set, please notify us at customerservice@raisinboat.com and we will charge you the reduced member price to replace the set. We will then immediately send you the next set on your Pick List.
Every Raisin Boat return envelope has prepaid postage on it. As a result, if you lose the envelope, that postage is unfortunately lost as well and you will need to return the stamp set in a new envelope at your cost. (Note that only one set can be returned per envelope provided by Raisin Boat due to the prepaid postage, so please do not combine two sets in another set’s envelope to compensate for one lost envelope.) Please return the set in a 6”x9” envelope to Raisin Boat at this address:
Raisin Boat, LLC
P.O. Box 14288
Madison, WI 53708-0288
If you receive a stamp set with images that are missing, torn or otherwise unusable, please contact us immediately by either emailing customerservice@raisinboat.com or by logging in to our Web site, clicking on the Customer Service tab of our Web site, and filling out the form under FAQs. We will make sure you are shipped a new rental set as quickly as possible and we will send you an envelope to return the damaged set.
What is the Gift Registry on the Raisin Boat Web site?
The Gift Registry feature on the Raisin Boat Web site allows you, as a customer or renter, to create a list of sets or other Raisin Boat products that you would like to have and to share that list with others at your discretion. You have the option of adding any Raisin Boat stamp product to your Gift Registry, and you can manage your Gift Registry from “My Home Page” after logging in with your email and password (you won’t be able to add to or access the Gift Registry until you are logged in).
Note that items you add to or delete from your personal Gift Registry on the Raisin Boat Web site will also apply to your “Items for Future Purchase” automatically, and vice versa. Be sure to “Save gift registry changes” each time that you add, delete or otherwise change or update your Gift Registry.
You personally control who can view your Gift Registry. Once you log in and click to manage your Gift Registry from your personal “My Home Page,” you may click on “Gift Registry Admin” and choose to share your Gift Registry with any of the following options:
-          “Anyone who searches for me” (searchable by your name or e-mail address); or
-          “Only people I have invited” (such as people to whom you e-mail your gift registry); or
-          “Only me” (no one can view your registry, not even if they do a search by name or e-mail address).
If you decide to share your Gift Registry with other people, be aware that you’re allowing them to view your Gift Registry list in full. No one will be able to view your rental Pick List or your account information.
The Gift Registry is not the same thing as your rental Pick List, and Raisin Boat will not mail sets to you from this list unless you add it to your Pick List or shopping cart, or unless someone who is buying a gift for you adds the product to their shopping cart. Raisin Boat does not have gift certificate capabilities at this time; however, someone can purchase an item for you by referencing your Gift Registry. The person buying the set for you will not be eligible for your reduced member price unless he or she is also a Raisin Boat rental member.
How do I send my Gift Registry to someone?
Once you’ve created a Gift Registry of sets you would like, you can easily email the registry to anyone using the links on either your personal “My Home Page” or the one right in your Gift Registry itself (note that you must be logged in to view these links). If you wish to send your Gift Registry to more than one person at a time, you may do so by simply entering all of your intended recipients’ email addresses separated by a semicolon.
Do you offer Raisin Boat gift certificates?
In the interest of keeping membership costs down, our site does not yet offer gift certificate capabilities. But you can still easily give a Raisin Boat gift with our convenient Gift Registry feature, which allows our customers and renters to create and share a list of items they wish to buy and own. See details under “How do I give someone a Raisin Boat gift?” and “What if my intended recipient’s Gift Registry is not searchable? Or, what if I’m not a customer or renter of Raisin Boat and I want to see someone’s Registry?”
Remember, if you wish to contribute to a friend’s or loved one’s rental subscription, you can always give a monetary gift directly to them that they can use for this purpose.
How do I give someone a Raisin Boat gift?
If you are a Raisin Boat customer or rental member, you can access the Gift Registry feature from your personal “My Home Page” once you’re logged in. There you can do a search for your intended gift recipient’s e-mail address. If the intended recipient has a Registry and has marked it viewable by anyone, you will be able to see items that she or he hopes to buy and own (this is not that person’s rental queue). You can then purchase an item(s) by adding it to your shopping cart and checking out. If you wish, we will ship the item(s) directly to your gift recipient on your behalf.
Keep in mind that you will not be eligible for a recipient’s reduced member price on a Gift Registry purchase unless you are a Raisin Boat rental member yourself. Also, you will not be able to make changes to this list or any other information, and all other account details are kept confidential. You will not be able to view anyone’s rental queue or any personal information about her or his Raisin Boat membership.
What if my intended recipient’s Gift Registry is not searchable? Or, what if I’m not a customer or renter of Raisin Boat and I want to see someone’s Registry?
Your friend or loved one can easily email her or his Gift Registry to you. Simply ask for the emailed list, and then you will be able to purchase from the Registry directly from the link in the email you receive. Keep in mind that you will not be eligible for a recipient’s reduced member price on a Gift Registry purchase unless you are a Raisin Boat rental member yourself.


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