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  1. Open a multicolor ink pad, such as a Kaleidacolor, and push the colors together.
  2. Roll your brayer repeatedly in a forward motion (not back and forth) over the ink pad, being careful to keep the colors aligned on the brayer surface.
  3. Optional: Place a cushion mat underneath your cardstock.
  4. Lightly tap (a.k.a., bounce) the brayer onto your white cardstock, keeping one end of the brayer at the center of your paper. (We used matte cardstock for all of our samples, but glossy will also work.)
  5. Rotate your cardstock with your free hand and continue tapping color onto the cardstock with your brayer around the center point until you have created a circle of multi-color ink lines. Be sure to keep the colors aligned when you are tapping. (You may also want to hold the cardstock in place with a thumbtack in the center, and then spin the cardstock while you ink.)
  6. Pause occasionally to roll the brayer forward ever so slightly with your finger to ensure constant ink coverage on the “tapping spot”.
  7. Re-ink the brayer as needed in the multicolor ink pad, and keep tapping in this circular motion until you fill in the white spaces and achieve your desired ink coverage and intensity. We kept tapping in this circular motion until all of the white paper was covered.
  8. Tip: For a tie-dye effect, try inking with your brayer from the center out, and then outside in.


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