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Welcome aboard Raisin Boat!


“Ahoy and welcome!” from Bobbi Lemanski and Kim Ziehr, the captains of the “Boat” crew in Waunakee, WI near Madison.


We’re committed to delivering to you everything we ourselves expect as stamp consumers. Not just constant creativity, but the other important constants too – innovation, inspiration, variety, and quality.


Why Raisin Boat stamps are better


All clear stamps are not created equal. If you’ve used a bad clear stamp, you know what we mean! But you don’t have to sacrifice quality images by switching from rubber stamps to the ease and convenience of clear stamps - which allow perfect positioning every time.


We did our homework, and we didn’t settle until we found the best clear stamp material out there. We’re proud to say that our stamp sets are manufactured in the U.S. and they offer these desirable qualities for your stamping:

-          Strong, natural clinginess to keep images in place on acrylic blocks (no adhesive necessary)

-          Just the right consistency – not too gooey and not too hard

-          Deeply etched stamp images to give you a high-quality impression, similar to rubber stamps

-          Made of photopolymer, not silicone (photopolymer is more durable and allows higher resolution of the digital art for crisper images)

-          Resistant to yellowing


What’s in a name?

Bobbi is proud mom to twins Tarek and Olivia. Kim is proud mom to Bella and Alayna. Put the first letters of their names together, and you get BOAT – the inspiration for our name. We are “Raisin'” our children to find and inspire success through their passions and dreams, the way we strive to with our business. Thanks to our husbands, Kevin and Mike, for encouraging us!


It’s true, life is but a dream. We hope you’ll row, row your creative boat with us!


Are you, or someone you know, a designer or illustrator looking for a fun creative outlet?

Design new stamps for Raisin Boat and see your ideas come to life! Contact us at artwork@raisinboat.com with a resume or brief description of your skill set. Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator is a must.


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